Telangana Government Honors Vinay Addagiri and Suresh Nagala with Young Entrepreneurship Award 2023

Vinay Addagiri & Suresh Nagala, Conferred the Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2023 By The Government Of Telangana

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], June 14: In a remarkable recognition of their exemplary achievements, Vinay Addagiri, Co-Founder and Director & Suresh Nagala, Co-Founder and Vice-President at Aertsen Living were conferred with the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 award by Telangana Government and Vande Bharath Trust. The duo has added yet another noteworthy achievement to their list of successes. This recent milestone follows their prestigious acknowledgement with the “Pride of Hyderabad” award, showcasing their continued dedication and accomplishments. Mr. Vinay Addagiri & Mr. Suresh Nagala were presented with the award by the respected Jagan Mohan Rao, chairman of Telangana State Technology Services, Dr. Ramesh Eppallapalli, Chairman of Vandhe Bhrat Trust, and Dr. Ramesh Martha, Liason Officer, NIMS at an event held at The Address Convention, Narsingi.

However, their success in part is due to the efforts made by The Government of Telangana. The Government of Telangana has played a pivotal role in fostering a supportive environment for young talent to pursue entrepreneurship within the state. Recognizing the importance of nurturing innovation and job creation, the government has implemented several initiatives and policies to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs.

Telangana’s remarkable achievements on the global stage have served as a powerful inspiration for “Aertsen Living,” propelling them to reach impressive heights in their own endeavours. The state has gained international recognition for its strides in various sectors, particularly technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The government’s proactive policies and initiatives aimed at promoting startups and fostering innovation have resulted in a thriving startup ecosystem within the state. Witnessing the successes of Telangana-based startups and entrepreneurs, who have achieved significant milestones on the global stage, has instilled a deep sense of ambition and determination in “Aertsen Living.” They are driven to emulate such triumphs. Benefiting from the supportive environment, robust infrastructure, and abundant opportunities provided by Telangana, “Aertsen Living” aspires to make its mark and contribute to the state’s rich legacy of excellence in the international arena. The company expresses profound gratitude for the inspiration and support they have received, vowing to remain dedicated to achieving remarkable feats while actively contributing to Telangana’s global reputation.

Coming back to the award, the Vandhe Bharat Bheeshma Vashista Puraskar is an accolade, honouring outstanding achievements by exceptional people in various domains. Vinay Addagiri & Suresh Nagala were honoured with the award for their innovative contribution and success in home interior solutions and modular furniture. Addressing this award Mr. Suresh Nagala said, “As an architect and designer, I am committed to creating innovative and sustainable solutions that make a positive impact on people’s lives. This award will serve as a source of inspiration for me to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in my field.”

Furthermore, through their years of diligent effort and a unique combination of creativity, quality, and functionality, Vinay Addagiri and Suresh Nagala have redefined the benchmarks for luxury home interiors in Telangana. Their unwavering dedication to excellence and meticulous attention to detail have positioned them as a formidable presence in the field of interior design. Consequently, Aertsen Living has emerged as one of the rapidly expanding entities in Telangana, showcasing its groundbreaking approach to the artistry of home interiors.

But it is important to mention the contributions from Mr. Manidhar Anumula, Co-Founder and Director at Aertsen Living, as he has been instrumental in shaping the remarkable growth path of the company while empowering young entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journeys. With his invaluable mentorship and guidance, Aertsen has experienced unprecedented success, emerging as a prominent market leader and garnering recognition from industry experts. Mr. Manidhar’s strategic acumen and profound knowledge of the market have played a pivotal role in steering the company through various challenges and swiftly capitalizing on opportunities, imbuing the organization with agility and confidence. His unwavering commitment has fostered an environment of innovation and excellence, propelling Aertsen to new heights of success.

Moreover, the creative minds behind Aertsen Living Vinay Addagiri & Suresh Nagala possess a combination of skills and expertise that has propelled the company to new heights. Their passion for interior design, coupled with their thorough understanding of the domain has been instrumental in shaping the company’s roadmap to success. In many ways, this was destined to happen, as the duo spent their formative years tirelessly learning from the best while honing themselves to do what it takes to be at the top.

Even though Aertsen Living is in its juvenile phase, there is no doubt this flood of recognition by the Telangana government and other prominent names in the country is a testament to their outstanding work and remarkable contributions to the industry, Indian households, and the country’s economy. Through their relentless pursuit of excellence, they are well on their way to achieving greatness and transforming every Indian home into a beautiful and sustainable retreat.

Marking the beginnings of something special, Aertsen Living was birthed in the humblest of fashion. A small-time furniture-importing business based out of Vijayawada in 2014 was the blueprint for the flourishing home interior brand Aertsen Living has matured into today. Enamoured by the eyeful beauty of the designs, the depth of craftsmanship and the solidarity of the quality in the products of a European Kitchen brand sourced from the Netherlands, filled Mr. Manidhar Anumula with the need to introduce such products to the Indian market. Thus, he teamed up with Mr. Vinay Addagiri in 2018 to acquire franchise rights and instigate a higher standard of luxury furniture in Indian homes. Skipping sometime in the future, Mr. Suresh Nagala joined the duo to evolve the business into an End-to-End home interior solution provider.

A year later in November 2019, Aertsen Living owned by the Nirmaan Group was established and by the time July 2020 rolled out Aertsen Living officially came into existence. Later that year in September, Aertsen Living launched Chryso, Jade, Brilliant, Coral and Sapphire finishes under the Hi-Living series. But this wasn’t the end of achievements in the year, in October Aertsen Living launched its first Experience Centre, followed by expanding its team and delivering its first full-fledged project. Akin to the previous year, 2021 also saw a number of achievements – kick-starting the year, Aertsen Living started operations in Vijayawada and Guntur, May of the same year marked the 25th finished project with the team expanded to 35 members, just the next month Aertsen Living expanded its offering to economy range as Easy Care Series. Soon afterwards, Aertsen established its own modular manufacturing unit in Hyderabad and to end 2021 in the best way possible, Aertsen Living delivered its 75th finished project while expanding the team to 60. As of now, Aertsen operates in over 7 cities in Andhra Pradesh and in the entire Telangana state with 500+ finished projects and 100+ employees.

As the state, country, and the world inch closer to a better future, Vinay Addagiri & Suresh Nagala are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of beautiful, sustainable, and functional homes. While also acting as an inspiration and reminder for entrepreneurs everywhere of the powers of passion and dedication to work.

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