New Book ‘Broken Anvils’ Gives an Insight into the Ins And Outs of the Shipbreaking Industry with an Emotional Touch

Mr. Rohith Agarwal, author of literary fiction “BROKEN ANVILS”

New Delhi (India), March 13: Hitting the shelves, a literary marvel penned down by a ship recycling consultant who has shown the world a new way of attaining sustainability in the shipbreaking industry. Rohith Agarwal is a name that has made ripples on international and local borders in this realm owing to his ingenuity but another feather in his cap is his literary brilliance of connecting strings of words to produce a beautiful piece titled “BROKEN ANVILS”. The book has been published under the umbrella of the Notion Press.

The publishers claim that “Broken Anvils,” which centres on Jeevan’s narrative of travelling from rural to urban India and investigating the world of shipbreaking, is an engrossing read filled with a unique blend of intrigue and romance that cannot be found in any other novel.

From what we have been able to gauge thus far, this novel is a roller coaster of emotions that is based on the narrative of Jeevan.

Jeevan, who was oblivious to what had happened, found himself standing in front of one of the largest ship-breaking yards in Gujarat, with the expectation that he might turn his life around. His dream, however, was dashed almost immediately when he realized that the yard itself would prove to be the most difficult obstacle he would face on his quest. The yard was progressively seeking to consume the lives of the workers. After enduring a seemingly endless series of setbacks, he finally finds the person he will spend the rest of his life with and begins to cultivate new relationships. Alongside them, he makes an effort to take a position and fight for the predicament that the employees are in. However, it doesn’t take long for his past to catch up with him, and the responsibilities that he neglected to take care of back at home start pounding on his door like an imminent threat. Jeevan is torn between the challenges that he faces in his personal life as well as in his social life; as a result, it is unclear if he will prevail as a hero for the yard or whether he would give in to the pressure and corruption of society.

As Jeevan was provided with an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up, this book discusses the subtle shift from rural to metropolitan life. After having lived his whole life in a rural community, the prospect of finding a job in one of the nation’s major cities seemed too good to pass up. It is explained how emotionally taxing it is for Jeevan to leave his family and friends behind, yet he does so without any second thoughts and boards a train to begin a new life in Gujarat. The emotional toll that this decision has on him is heart-wrenchingly depicted.

His journey, which begins with the conclusion that the opportunity given was about as defective as it is possible to get, while the working and living conditions of the yard employees were beyond anyone’s ability to imagine, will make you cry. On the other hand, so does his learning curve of building himself up from that point on. Jeevan spends most of the first year learning new things and getting to know people while he is by himself and isolated from any kind of familiarity. This is a story about having hope, having your heart broken, and pursuing happiness.

The instances in this book feel reality similar and life-like. The reason for that stems from the experience the author brings from his years spent in the same domain. One can see how well-versed he is with the issues of the workforce and the nuances of the urban-rural divide.

You may get a hold of a copy of it at Notion Press, Flipkart, and Amazon.

Agarwal made the following statement during an interview: “Within the pages of Broken Anvils, I made an effort to investigate topics such as the urban-rural split, the perils of self-alienation, and the complexities of working in the ship-breaking business.” The book is an enthralling story that is difficult to put down, about human connections, love, camaraderie, the strange world that we inhabit, and most importantly, about a young man’s commitment to keeping fighting to make a place for himself in the world, no matter what.

Mr. Rohith Agarwal  is a celebrated individual on the domestic territory in India and beyond because of his tireless advocacy for the ship recycling sector, his engagement in the Indian ship recycling sector spans the gamut from liaising with government authorities to writing a regular column in magazines and newspapers to being sought out for comment on industry developments.

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